A Sudden Surge In Popularity

15 08 2007

One of my most recent videos experienced another sudden surge in popularity in the past 12 hours. My latest LOUD Tour TV Music Video (shown below) has started receiving hits and downloads in bunches again this morning. In it’s first 24 hours the episode received over 1000 views and 500 downloads. In the past 12 it appears to be having another small spike. Views and downloads have increased on all websites where the video is available. As of now the video sits at well over 1800 views and 700 downloads!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=337283&dest=-1]

I must say on a personal level that of all of the videos I have done, I am most proud of this one! To those of you that have checked it out, downloaded it, or are currently viewing it I want to thank you for doing so! Because of this video and the success of this video I am inspired to not only do more like it, but to continue to push the envelope towards an even more entertaining and quality product!




3 responses

15 08 2007

Hey stranger! I’m very impressed with your work. I hope to get up to MTL soon to watch you in action.

30 08 2007

A fun watch…
Where was this taken?
I have made a handful of videos from the streets of Fukuoka, Japan…it is plenty of fun to head out and see what you can get and later edit…

Thanks…and a great tune too.

30 08 2007

This video was shot on the corner of Ste Catherine and Mansfield in downtown Montreal, Canada. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments. I will check out your work as soon as I get a chance (I am leaving for 5 days to go compete in World Championships for music!)

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