28 08 2007

Next on my list of influential vlogs/vloggers in the XOLO.TV gang. When I was brand new to vlogging I had the opportunity to meet up with Gabe Mac here in Montreal thanks to a special vlogger meet up organized here in Montreal. To say the I was green with regards to vlogging would be the ultimate understatement! In fact by the time we had the vlogger meet up I had done exactly three videos myself and posted them over on YouTube. The information that I learned from Gabe that night really helped me to produce a much higher quality vlog. After watching Gabe and Gabe’s (yes there are two of them) WatchMe@XOLO.TV I was able to learn so much more. Not only from them, but also from the other vlogs and shows that they reviewed on their show. I also learned valuable information about where to post my shows online to get the most bang for my buck so to speak! (OK so the video hosting is free and no matter where I host them I am already maximizing the bang for my buck, but you get the idea!)

I honestly think that without their advice and inspiration that I would not have gone on to make many more vlogs. Be sure you click on the links above and check out their shows. We might all be able to learn a thing or two from the XOLO crew!

And before I forget I would also like to give special thanks to Martin Lessard for putting together the vlogger meet up in Montreal. Without the chance to meet some other people in person and be able to learn more about vlogging I probably wouldn’t be doing video today.




3 responses

28 08 2007

Dude…thanks! Gabe told me about the meet up in Montreal. Wish I could’ve been there too. cheers!
Gabe B. (the other one)

29 08 2007
Martin Lessard

You remind me we should do another vlogger meetup later this year. I’ll try to synchronize it withe some cool other event! Montreal deserves, at least once a year, such event !

29 08 2007

I agree. The vlogger meet up was actually the first time that I went out in public here and met a bunch of new people. It was a very interesting night and a very good time hearing everyone’s ideas and for me at the time seeing just how vlogging really does work! I would personally like to publicize the event a little bit more itself because there are a number of vloggers in Montreal that didn’t make it to the last one.

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