Six Months Of Vlogging!

29 08 2007

It’s hard to imagine but I have passed the six month point in my vlogging adventures! Everyday feels like a new one when I am out there shooting and editing videos. I have to say this is the most fun I have had doing something for an extended period of time. The great thing is that I don’t think that I will ever tire from it or get bored of it. If I can persevere something for this long without losing interest hen I know that I can continue to keep an interest in it for a long time coming.

Just like everything else in my life after doing something for a while I like to take a look back and see some of the things that I have done right or I have doe wrong along the way. It’s clear to see the things that I have done right if you go all the way back to February 21st and take a look at my first ever vlog entry. I was just plain awful with the camera and I tripped over a lot of my words. I also found it difficult to make a connection to the camera and fine something to really draw my users in. With the advice of some friends and a lot of practice I was able to improve many of the technical aspects of putting together a decent video. As I have evolved I also learned to use transitions, sound, music, lighting, and effects to their fullest. I also learned a trick or two about what colors to use and what colors not to use. There is something to be said about learning the use of color from artists and graaphic artists alike!

Obviously I have really honed in on my technical skills. And as usual leave it up to me to go out and really work on my technical skills first. Personally I feel they are the most important element of putting out a great product. Now lets take a look at where I have lacked and some things that I need to pick up on in order to make my vlog much more successful. First thing is content. My content is OK, but I feel that it lacks an overall mass appeal. The music videos have a wide following and a greater mass appeal then my regular vlog entries. Maybe I have tried to go to broad out of the gate, or maybe I am just keeping things a bit too vanilla. I never discuss anything controversial, I also stay away from current events. Two things I read very early on that you should actually stay away from. I think what kills my content is that I rarely show you a glimpse of who I really am. I have my moments, but those moments aren’t enough to build and audience. Trust me I am working on this and trying to put together some interesting material that will entertain a much broader group of people.

Another thing that I really need to work on is connecting with the vlogging community a little more. There are a few that I have a chance to talk with from time to time via blogs or emails, still the reality of it is that I am not activey involved enough in the community. I have spent so much time focused on technical aspects, distribution, and promotion that I have neglected the rest of the people that are out there doing this every day. It’s not that I don’t see a lot of vlogs on a regular basis, it’s that I don’t try to interact with the people that are putting it out there. I don’t know why I don’t interact, because in real life I interact with everybody! I am the first to introduce myself to a new person at a party or a function. I even go out of my way to meet new people, but again I haven’t done so with the rest of the vlogging community. This is something I intend to change as well. And this is why I am going to be watching as many new vlogs as I can and posting about them here. Now before you ask I am a part of the big yahoo videoblogging group. I just haven’t taken the time to get to know very many of the people on it.

So thats it! Six months down, many more to go. There are a lot of things that I feel I have done right, and a lot of things that I can do better. See everyone around the vloggosphere!




2 responses

31 08 2007
jay dedman

congrats on six months of vlogging. it took me over a year before i really felt comfortable. yeah, commenting on videos you like is the best way to make friends. if not, no one knows who you are.

13 09 2007

Thanks! I knew it was all about the comments to other people’s videos, but I got so wrapped up in my own work that I wasn’t taking the time to leave any comments, but that is all about to change!

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