Getting Back In The Groove!

5 09 2007

Now that my hiatus from video posting is over it’s about time that I get back into the groove of shooting video again! I don’t have that much material to work with right now so the chances of me getting something out in the next few days are slim, although I may get motivated at any moment and go shoot some good footage.

The time off was very productive for me and although I wasn’t exactly off doing nothing for the past week, I did manage to line up some potential projects for the future. Two different individuals approached me about potential projects in the near future. Both projects are with people in the music industry that are looking for video to promote their music and their CD’s. One is in New York, the other is in LA. Both projects have the potential to become really huge and I hope that I can help them achieve their goals. So it looks like I will spend the next few weeks following up on these projects and finding out just how serious everyone is about them.

I also checked out this program on TV last night called iCaught. It is a special program that has been running by ABC news and it was very interesting. They were showing the effects of how consumer videos are affecting the marketplace and also talking a bit about how viral videos are the next wave of advertising. There was a lot of interesting news on this program yesterday and I suggest that anyone reading this go and check out the iCaught website. They also showcase a couple of guys who did a funny series online and because of the work they were able to do they now design video games and work on special effects for TV and movies. It was a very interesting news program for sure and it definitely shows you what the face of the internet will look like as well as the future of video and amateur videographers.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back soon with lots of updates and cool video footage!




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