For Fear of Going Insane

31 10 2008

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Another LOUD Tour TV Production! Just in time for Haloween! This is a story about a man who is going insane.  Cool Narration with Music! Enjoy!



4 responses

1 11 2008

Quite a dramatic production. Scary but very cool.
I really like the effect used at about 1 minute.

1 11 2008

Thanks for the comments! The effect is actually a very simple one. The video sequence itself was just actually one shot. I split the shot into multiple clips and added a simple overlap effect to them. The only difference is that I prolonged the overlap effect for about 2 seconds to give it more of a time lapse effect. I actually used this edit a number of times in my video. It’s a really cool effect if timed very well.

1 11 2008

thanks for elaborating on that. I thought I figured out how you did it but that 2 second prolonging is the real handwriting of the trick. Cool!

15 05 2009

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