For Fear of Going Insane

31 10 2008

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Another LOUD Tour TV Production! Just in time for Haloween! This is a story about a man who is going insane.  Cool Narration with Music! Enjoy!

Rain Drops

28 10 2008

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Another LOUD Tour TV music video production.  Short and swet with minimal editing.  This is a video tha tI have been putting off for a while and finally decided to put it together today.

Wherever I go, There I am!

27 10 2008

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Another LOUD Tour TV Music Video prduction.  I’ve been out of the video making game for a few months now.  I decided to throw this one together today just as a little practice.  I am happy with the end result, so I decided to post my first video back!

Counter Motion

14 04 2008

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Another music video with some very simple effects.  The illusion created here is very cool!

Picture of My Life

6 03 2008

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Here is the latest from LOUD Tour TV Music Video.  This one is entitled Picture of My Life.  It’s a simple video sequence shot while walking down the street in my neighborhood.  Some cool effects are added to give it a dream like state.  Music is Picture of My Life by Jamiroquai.

Bach’s Jazzy Bus Adventure

1 02 2008

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Here is some footage that I’ve had for 7 months now. I put this idea on he back burner and decided to finish it finally. I shot the video while riding the #27 across Montreal. The music Bach’s 2 part invention in D Minor only a totally different take then many of you have ever heard before!

Trust Music

27 11 2007

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New from LOUD Tour TV Music Video is Trust Music. This is a cool video that I put together from one 32 second video sequence. It has been mixed and remixed with all kinds of special effects to give it some really cool visual effects. Enjoy!