Two Pages Fully Updated!

15 08 2007

I have successfully made it to the wee small hours of the morning once again, but this time I have managed to get something accomplished! The LOUD Tour TV Page is now fully updated and all episodes of LOUD Tour TV can now be viewed there! The LOUD Tour TV Music Video Page is also fully updated so now you can also view all of my music videos!

Wait, there is even better news! I have found a work around so that I am now able to show episodes of LOUD Tour TV v3.0 on that page as well! Right now there is only one episode available, but by tomorrow night I hope to have three or four of them uploaded. The player also looks a little bit weird and gets buggy, but at least you are now able to view those shows without having to go clicking and navigating your way through other web pages! I am still debating how many of these shows that I am actually going to upload because they are 90MB in size and they take up a lot of my space online for the other shows. It is likely that I will only upload the shows which were successful.

So as you can see, I have been hard at work tonight trying to bring you more improvements to the SPC Productions Blog! I am well on my way toward building something that is not only very professional but also something that showcases all of my work! Look for more changes, updates and improvements really soon! Goodnight Everyone!


More Updates!

13 08 2007

All pages have been updates with more videos!

The LOUD Tour TV Page has been updated with four of my past videos bringing the total of videos on the Page up to nine. The LOUD Tour TV Music Video Page has been updated with five more videos bringing the total number videos on that page up to ten. The LOUD Tour TV v3.0 Page has also been updated. I am still not able to post actual episodes however I was able to post two of my show intros.

I was also able to do some minor updates to the About SPC Poductions Page. My intent both with the blog and with SPC Productions is to launch myself into a new career in video and in video production both in front of and behind the camera. I will be updating the about page as well as the other pages frequently. SPC Productions is my dream, with time, effort, and quality material, I hope to make it a reality!

Four Pages Added!

10 08 2007

I have added four new pages to the site today, each representing a different entity of SPC Productions! You can check them out by clicking on the links at the top of this blog or by clicking on each of them below.


LOUD Tour TV Music Video

LOUD Tour TV v3.0

Photo’s & Other Projects