It’s been a while!

10 01 2008

Sorry for not posting here in over a month.  One of my camera’s is out of commission.  Well actually the camera if fine, but the memory card is dead.  That is the camera that I use for my music videos, so until I get a memory card to replace the broken one, there won’t be music videos for a while.  I haven’t gotten around to putting together a regular video together in a while, perhaps I can shoot one before I head out of town this weekend.  Anyhow I wanted to give everyone an update as to my whereabouts because I have been silent for a while now.  No worries, I’ll be back soon!


The Return of LOUD Tour TV

24 10 2007

I have been away for a while attending to some personal business, but I am making a comeback to regular posting really soon.  I hope to shoot, edit and post some video tomorrow.  I know it seems a bit ambitious considering that I haven’t done anything serious in the past month, but I have done it before and I am sure that I can do it again.

Time To Shoot Some Video

18 09 2007

I’m out for the rest of the day today trying to capture some good footage for LOUD Tour TV and also some footage for a music video. I won’t get a chance to edit everything together until later this week because I will be busy going to see the Montreal Canadiens play tonight! I’ll be sure to take some video from the game and add that to the vlog as well as a few pictures from our seats tonight. Section 113 Row D (center ice, very close!)

Guess that’s about it for now! Look for videos really soon!

Busy Busy Busy

10 09 2007

I have been extremely busy lately, but no worries I am about to return to a regular posting schedule really soon!  Look for a new video as early as tomorrow afternoon!

Getting Back In The Groove!

5 09 2007

Now that my hiatus from video posting is over it’s about time that I get back into the groove of shooting video again! I don’t have that much material to work with right now so the chances of me getting something out in the next few days are slim, although I may get motivated at any moment and go shoot some good footage.

The time off was very productive for me and although I wasn’t exactly off doing nothing for the past week, I did manage to line up some potential projects for the future. Two different individuals approached me about potential projects in the near future. Both projects are with people in the music industry that are looking for video to promote their music and their CD’s. One is in New York, the other is in LA. Both projects have the potential to become really huge and I hope that I can help them achieve their goals. So it looks like I will spend the next few weeks following up on these projects and finding out just how serious everyone is about them.

I also checked out this program on TV last night called iCaught. It is a special program that has been running by ABC news and it was very interesting. They were showing the effects of how consumer videos are affecting the marketplace and also talking a bit about how viral videos are the next wave of advertising. There was a lot of interesting news on this program yesterday and I suggest that anyone reading this go and check out the iCaught website. They also showcase a couple of guys who did a funny series online and because of the work they were able to do they now design video games and work on special effects for TV and movies. It was a very interesting news program for sure and it definitely shows you what the face of the internet will look like as well as the future of video and amateur videographers.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back soon with lots of updates and cool video footage!

Short Term Plans

21 08 2007

The next two weeks there will not be many updates to any of the LOUD Tour TV series or here to the SPC Productions Blog. The main reason is that I will not be available to do too much work of the next two weeks. I have a lot of other commitments with regard to music that I need to take care of, plus my girlfriend is on vacation and as much as we both love the internet, we tend to stay off of it when we have time together!

I will be posting a cool video or two that I find online as well as promoting some other sites that I think you should take a look at while I am taking this short break! I’ll be back to a regular posting/video schedule sometime after Labor Day! See you all then!

Two Pages Fully Updated!

15 08 2007

I have successfully made it to the wee small hours of the morning once again, but this time I have managed to get something accomplished! The LOUD Tour TV Page is now fully updated and all episodes of LOUD Tour TV can now be viewed there! The LOUD Tour TV Music Video Page is also fully updated so now you can also view all of my music videos!

Wait, there is even better news! I have found a work around so that I am now able to show episodes of LOUD Tour TV v3.0 on that page as well! Right now there is only one episode available, but by tomorrow night I hope to have three or four of them uploaded. The player also looks a little bit weird and gets buggy, but at least you are now able to view those shows without having to go clicking and navigating your way through other web pages! I am still debating how many of these shows that I am actually going to upload because they are 90MB in size and they take up a lot of my space online for the other shows. It is likely that I will only upload the shows which were successful.

So as you can see, I have been hard at work tonight trying to bring you more improvements to the SPC Productions Blog! I am well on my way toward building something that is not only very professional but also something that showcases all of my work! Look for more changes, updates and improvements really soon! Goodnight Everyone!