A Sudden Surge In Popularity

15 08 2007

One of my most recent videos experienced another sudden surge in popularity in the past 12 hours. My latest LOUD Tour TV Music Video (shown below) has started receiving hits and downloads in bunches again this morning. In it’s first 24 hours the episode received over 1000 views and 500 downloads. In the past 12 it appears to be having another small spike. Views and downloads have increased on all websites where the video is available. As of now the video sits at well over 1800 views and 700 downloads!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=337283&dest=-1]

I must say on a personal level that of all of the videos I have done, I am most proud of this one! To those of you that have checked it out, downloaded it, or are currently viewing it I want to thank you for doing so! Because of this video and the success of this video I am inspired to not only do more like it, but to continue to push the envelope towards an even more entertaining and quality product!


Creating Art Through Video

14 08 2007

I was doing quite a bit of research until the wee hours of the morning about video art and using video as a medium for art. I came up with quite a few interesting search results, but have really found very little in terms of using todays digital media and technology as a medium for this type of work. In fact the closest thing that I could really find was experimental film. While reading the wiki’s on these various topics I ended up surfing a lot of other wiki pages and coming across more interesting topics on the subject of video, but I could find no niche for much of the work that I am doing now.

Finally while surfing I came across a page that may have some of what I am looking for. That page was VideoArt.net. On this page I found a lot of other folks who are uploading their videos as a means of art. They are also expressing themselves in many different ways with their films such as musical films, silent films, avant-garde films and experimental films. So after hours of searching, watching and uploading I can see now the video art is really something that has a chance to take off!

So what I have done is put something together for my LOUD Tour TV show that I would like all of you to watch! This is a relatively short video that is intended to kick off this brand new project of mine. I would like to say that it is an original idea, but it appears as though it is a mish-mash of a bunch of ideas. Truly experimental, and hopefully artistic! So take a look at the video and tell me what you think!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=344830&dest=-1]