LOUD Tour TV v3.0

LOUD Tour TV v3.0 is the newest SPC Production! This is live social internet television hosted over on Operator 11. This website allows you to produce, direct and star in your own live internet TV show. I started this venture in July of 2007 and have had mixed success. Some shows have been immensely popular while others have sort of fallen on their face. Of course everything is community driven, so building up a reputation is just as important as having a great show. I will be posting a lot more about Operator 11 in the near future!

Click here to view my Operator 11 profile.

Click here to view my Operator 11 shows.

At last I have found a work around so that I am able to post episodes of LOUD Tour TV v3.0 to my blog! It certainly was not the easiest thing in the world to do, but now I have a way to bring the shows straight to you without you having to go and click on the Operator 11 Links and then click on each of the shows individually to view them! As an added bonus they are in slightly higher resolution then you would view them over on the Operator 11 website. The video player does get a little out of whack however, but you have to remember I am doing all sorts of crazy conversions and uploading just to make this work in the first place! Also you may notice a scrambled image in the show player, do not be worried, the show will play just fine! Sometimes a little hard work (and creative thinking) does pay off!

Without further adieu…here are the videos!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=345205&dest=-1]

Here is my latest show from Operator 11. On this show, we have a bunch of friends of on and we talk a bout a bunch of different things! The show is a bit lengthy, but it certianly is a great show and well worth viewing. On the show I also debut a couple of new videos from the LOUD Tour TV Music Video Series. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=345924&dest=-1]

Here is another show from Operator 11. This was recorded live and it is myself and a bunch of friends getting together broadcasting news and videos that we are interested in! This is a lot like Television meets Social Networking! Check it out!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=346041&dest=-1]

Here is the first ever TGIF show that I produced over on Operator 11. This show is going to be a regular feature beginning in September! As with all of my other live shows this is a collection of my friends getting together to discuss our weekend and to share our media!

More Videos Coming Soon!


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