LOUD Tour TV was the original show first launched by SPC Productions early in March of 2007. It started out as a weekly show and has since come out more of a biweekly basis. The show was originally intended to be a vlog about me and my life. I changed things up a bit and took the camera around town to show people some places of interest and also did a few special reports. The show is in a constant state of evolution and change and even now I am working on a new and improved format that should be much more entertaining to the masses. In any event, this is where everything started!

Shows will be listed in Chronological order with the newest shows on top.

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From time to time I like to look back and reflect on where I was in the past. Today I go back 2 years and check out my moblogging adventures. I was heavily involved into moblogging a few years ago and actually be came quite popular in the community for my pictures and for my antics online. Here is a look at where I have come from and what I used to be involved in!

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Today I will be bringing you some actions from the hockey game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Pittsburgh Penguins.  This town loves their hockey!  I will also show you a cool movie poster that I got from stellaartois.com.  Enjoy

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This is a short and very simple show. First in the show is thoughts and best wishes for all of the troops defending our countries and borders. After that we move into some news about LOUD Tour TV and then into some big personal news about my life!

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Creating Art Through Video. I am starting a new project and I am looking for your help! Art is prevalent in many forms out there such as paintings, drawings, music, dance, and other forms. What I want to do is push the limits of video art to the forefront. With today’s camera’s and technology we can create some unbelievable things with our videos. Why not use our videos as another meas of expressing ourselves artisitcally? Check out the video and tell me what you think! If you want to be a part of this project shoot me an email at spcbrass@gmail.com

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More sights and sounds from around Montreal. Ill be visiting Old Port, Old Montreal, The Franco Folies Music Festival and a few other sites around town. You will really see just how many people do go out during a normal day and what they get into while out on the town!

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On today’s show I will take you to a really cool website called Operator 11. This website is revolutionizing the way people watch and broadcast live TV right on the internet. I will show you around the website today as well as some of the features and shows on the website. Once you are done watching the video head on over to the Operator 11 website and start broadcasting today!

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Today I take a visit down to the International Jazz Festival here in Montreal. They are really just setting up, but this is one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world. I go check out one percussion group that is playing and then tell you a little bit about the festival. I’ll be down here multiple times next week with plenty more updates from the festival!

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The first ever State Of The LOUD Tour Address. This tells you where I’ve come from and where I am going. There is also some very exciting news about The LOUD Tour and the future of LOUD Tour TV! If you want to know about the future of all things LOUD Tour then this is a can’t miss episode!

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Now that technology is working for me again I can bring you new episodes of LOUD Tour TV! Since I just got the camera and memory card and all that other good stuff today I shot a quick teaser episode downtown on Cresent Street in Montreal! Good things are happening in LOUD Tour TV Land!

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After a near two month hiatus from posting new episodes LOUD Tour TV is back! Each week you can expect at least one episode or music video to be added! Tune In and Turn On to LOUD Tour TV!

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Singing, tuba playing, kittens, lunch and commentary! This show has it all! This is also my first attempt at shooting a show in a higher resolution! Enjoy!

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Episode 6.5?!?! Yes, I was not too happy with the product that was Episode 6 for many reasons! So I went out today and put some new footage together complete with a little personality and fun! You will find this one more pleasing to watch and maybe even get a laugh or two out of it!

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Today I am visiting Montreal’s Olympic Stadium and the surrounding parks. This video has way too much of me talking, but it does give you some insight into the person I am and how I ended up here! So come along with me and take a tour of the Stadium and the surrounding area.

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I went to check out the movie 300 on the Imax theater, here are my thoughts.

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Today is another stay at home episode! We have a new kitty! You can’t see him too well in the video, but I promise there will be plenty more to see of him really soon! I will also show you some immigration stuff that we are working on!

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I’m heading to Syracuse, NY to brave the elements in a St’ Patrick’s Day parade. Have a look at the stuff I am bringing. Also includes a commentary about a funny experience that I have had with airport carry on luggage!

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Another look into my everyday life! Today we will take you on an interesting journey in downtown Montreal! As always I’ll be providing my own blend of comedic and serious commentary along the way! Be on the lookout for 3 music videos in today’s episode! Episode 4 is a must see! Tell all of your friends!

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In today’s episode, we’ll go on another “brief” tour! We will also see Bosco in action, yes he is awake for this video! I’ll explain why I have 2 cell phones, and I’ll show you some random party pictures!

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Snow, Snow, and more Snow!? We got hit with a major winter storm and I am gong to take you out in the elements and show you the snow.? I will also show you how effective the snow removal system is up here in Montreal!? It’s cold, it’s windy, but I am still bringing the snow straight to you!

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In today’s episode I’ll show you Montreal’s underground city, a look at St Catherine street, and even the Bell Centre. We will also pay a visit to Christine’s office and call her just to say hello! At the end I have a very special treat for all of you. A look at Montreal that most people have not seen before! Episode 2 is bigger and better then Episode 1! You won’t be disappointed!

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This is my first every video post! Basically it’s an introduction and a brief overview of what you can expect to see in future episodes of LOUD Tour TV. It’s not all that exciting, but it does give you an opportunity to see who I am!

Well that’s it, you have reached the first ever episode of LOUD Tour TV! Look for more new episodes coming really soon!


2 responses

17 08 2007

Thanks for the shout out! Cheers from the Xolo.tv crew!

17 08 2007

Had I not met some of the XOLO team and corresponded with you folks I may have given up after a few episodes! These days I’m always watching and learning so that I can refine my own work and make it even better! Thank you guys for putting out such a quality product and showing the rest of us how it should be done!

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