Today is a new day

23 03 2010

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A little video that came to me late last night.

Catzilla Part Deux

11 03 2010

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My other giant cat Diablo doing what cats do best!

Last Steps

10 03 2010

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The final steps of a dying man.


9 03 2010

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Christine wanted me to make a video of Bosco fo a while, so here he is in all of his glory doing the things he does best! Enjoy Catzilla!

Time For Some Change

25 02 2010

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A neat little movie that I put together in a few hours today.

Born Yesterday

24 02 2010

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A LOUD Tour TV Music Video Production.

Just getting myself back into a groove here with a simple music video.

For Fear of Going Insane

31 10 2008

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Another LOUD Tour TV Production! Just in time for Haloween! This is a story about a man who is going insane.  Cool Narration with Music! Enjoy!