LOUD Tour TV Music Video

LOUD Tour TV Music Video is one of those projects that I had never originally intended to do. In Episode 4 of LOUD Tour TV I added in three short music videos and they became an instant success! I had already produced a couple of music videos before Episode 4 and had released them with the intent of being an added bonus to LOUD Tour TV. It wasn’t until around Episode 6 when I started releasing music videos with any sort of regularity. Today LOUD Tour TV Music Video is the most popular and most successful part of SPC Productions!

Videos will be listed in chronological order with the newest on top.

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New from LOUD Tour TV Music Video is Trust Music. This is a cool video that I put together from one 32 second video sequence. It has been mixed and remixed with all kinds of special effects to give it some really cool visual effects. Enjoy!

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With the new Hitman movie coming out I decided to do my own little version. Of course I don’t have all of the cool weapons and special effects that they have in Hollywood, but this is still a cool little teaser! Enjoy!

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New From LOUD Tour TV Music Video is Radioactive Earth. This video is a mix of cool effects and some cool camera work. This video even has some “solar flares” which also adds to the radioactive effect. Enjoy!

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If our cat Bosco had an iPod commercial this is what it would look like!

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I have been meaning to shoot this music video for a while, but never got around to it. Finally I have. This is only the first draft, eventually I will turn it into more of a professional production (I need to learn all of the words to the song) but until then enjoy this version. Music is So Much to Say by Take 6.

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New from LOUD Tour TV Music Video is Kloudoscope. It’s pretty cool what twenty minutes of cloud footage and a little editing can do! Music is Ave Maria by Bobby McFerrin and Yo-Yo Ma.

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Here is a cool little video clip that I put together this morning. This is something that you would see at the end of a movie when the main character walks off into the sunset. It’s only fitting that I would give it a cool title that says goodbye in many languages! Enjoy!

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New from LOUD Tour TV Music video in “The Corner.” This is your typical street corner on a typical day here in downtown Montreal. Music is “Something This Way Wicked Comes” from the Lost Highway Soundtrack. As always there are lots of cool special effects added to this video which compliments the music! Enjoy!

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Here is some footage that I shot while climbing up Mount Royal here in Montreal. Music is I’m Shipping Up To Boston by the Dropkick Murphy’s. This song was made popular because of the movie The Departed. Inspiration for this song comes from a good friend of mine Christian Beliveau who asked me to produce a video for him using this same song.

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Here is another vdeo from the LOUD Tour TV Music Video series. This one is called, “Feel’s So Green.” Footage in filmed on Crescent Street here in Montreal during a busy afternoon. The look and color of the video gives it sort of a night time feel, which I think is very cool. Music is by Jamiroquai. This is the hidden track on the Funk Odyssey Album.

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Here is more from LOUD Tour TV Music Video. Enjoy this video for it’s simplicity of both movement and sound. Footage is from the Old Port of Montreal and music is from Suite No 3 in D Major by Bach as interpreted by Bobby McFerrin and Yo-Yo Ma.

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Here’s a first from LOUD Tour TV Music Video! This was my fist movie edited with iMovie in Quicktime format. It is also my first movie at 640 x 480 resolution! I call it A Funky Walk to Flavour’s House. The footage is all of me walking through the neighborhood. Music is by DJ Flavour. Enjoy the cool color schemes and effects, I think they add to the music!

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Another LOUD Tour TV Music Video. This one should evoke a little more emotion then my others. I call it Aftermath. This is what I would imagine things would have looked like after a war or some other terrible event. The music is Greenhouse by The Yellowjackets.

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New from LOUD Tour TV Music Video, Ultrasonic Steps! The video footage was shot in Montreal’s Eaton Center, the music is Ultrasonic Sound by Hive. This isn’t the whole song, it is only the ending. You heard the beginning of it in LOUD Tour TV Episode 4!

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Here is another LOUD Tour TV Music Video! I call this one Roller Coaster! The video footage was filmed here in Montreal on the Metro. The music is Leave You Far Behind by Lunatic Calm.

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Here is another LOUD Tour TV Music Video Production that I call Armando’s Walk. This music video is just a walk with me around a small part of Montreal. The music is Armando’s Rhumba by Chick Corea, performed by Chick Corea and Bobby McFerrin Live at The Blue Note in New York City for Chick’s 60th bithday party! This is only an excerpt from the song. If you like the music please visit Chick Corea’s Official Website and purchase it there!

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Another LOUD Tour TV music video! Music by the Kelly Bell Band.

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Here is another video of our Little Monster in Action!

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Remember that cool fight scene in The Matrix with all of that spinning and that nifty camera work? Well here is something similar, minus the fighting but with the same song and some cool camera tricks of my own!

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My first ever music video! I made this back in December of 2005 with a Sony Ericsson S720 Camera Phone! The resolution isn’t all that great, but hey back in 2005 what camera phones took great videos? The music is all improvised and made up as I go along! Video and music are shot and sung simultaneously!

That’s it! You have reached my first ever music video! Be sure to check back often for updates to this page!


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13 08 2007
Joan A. Fleischmann

I love it thus far, Something wicked this way comes is a really universal tune. If you ever decide to let us tagem and takem to our sites for display please send it!

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